since 2001, the internet platform of help with the municipal archives of Roubaix (59100 - North - France)
and a free help in the genealogy of the Roubaisian families

A concept

Free or nothing !

Created in 2001 by Christophe Lenoire, the Forum Roubaix is a free structure, which does not belong to any genealogical association, and is openly opposed to charge for its help or for subscription.

All form of trade is forbidden on the Forum Roubaix, including the indication of links to sites which propose their help against payment of a fixed sum or a paying subscription.

The help provided by the whole team animating the Forum Roubaix is completely free and without any other condition than the use of its method allowing its members to progress very rapidly in their searches on Roubaix.

A framework

Limits for a guaranteed result !

Since it is impossible to help all the genealogists who have ancestors in several towns of France and Navarre, and since the city of Roubaix is large enough and rich in archives, the Forum Roubaix focuses its researches only on Roubaix and does not have any interest on the other towns and cities. It is therefore not a general site where any genealogist may post anything he wants. By setting up its limits very clearly, Forum Roubaix ensures each of its members to obtain results for all their requests.

A team

A request posted is a guaranteed reply !

Since there is a permanent intention to help each member at best in his genealogical researches on Roubaix, Forum Roubaix is composed of a solid team answering all requests and allowing the beginner in genealogy to create its working method and optimize his present and future research.


Information directly coming from the original archives !

Because it is always better to do it ourselves and one cannot start research on other people's work, Forum Roubaix only works from original sources located in the municipal archives of Roubaix and owns under a digital form all the sources that it makes available to its members. It can therefore always provide the proof that the given information are the exact copy of the original.

Among many sources, the members may find :

  • Catholic records such as baptism, marriage and death from 1588 to 1792
  • Civil records such as births, paternity records, marriages, divorces et deaths from 1793 to 1920
  • A marriage base which allows to find any marriage which took place in Roubaix between 1588 and 1920
  • A base of the civil and military war victims buried in the Roubaix cemetery, with pictures of the graves
  • Census such as 1764, Year 8 of the empire, Year 11 of the empire, 1851, 1866, 1886, 1896, 1906, 1911, 1921, 1936, etc.
  • Tax records such as the ones of 1596, etc.
  • Records of the children receiving their fist communion 1673, etc.
  • Records of the foreigners (1888), etc.
  • Telephone directories such as 1906; more
  • Tables called "Leuridan tables" on the genealogy of the Roubaisian families between 1588 and 1800
  • Contracts from the Roubaisian notaries such as marriage contracts, leases, estates, inventories after death, etc.
  • And many more

Forum Roubaix access

For English speaking genealogists only !

The Forum Roubaix is entirely in French but may also help the English speaking genealogists by mail thanks to Joëlle Hoffman-Nuttin, its official translator. In this case, send a mail [by clicking here] where you mention :

  • your complete identity (last and first name)
  • your exact location (city and country)
  • what you are exactly seeking in Roubaix
  • who are your ancestors from Roubaix

You may enclosed a gedcom file if you have one.

We will contact you very soon.

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